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New Patients


So you’re interested in becoming a patient…that’s great!  To start the process, all you need to do is call our office at 770-760-1394 and schedule an appointment.

We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the best time for your schedule and discuss your payment options.

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Download your initial paperwork before your appointment

Initial Visit

60 Minutes

At the first appointment, we’ll need you to fill out a few forms that will help us understand your problem more fully. Once you’re done, you’ll meet with Dr. Sheila who will spend about 30-60 minutes with you.  During this time, a review of your pertinent history will be covered, a chiropractic examination will be performed, and x-rays will be taken and reviewed if necessary.

Dr. Sheila will explain how the adjustment works and what it will feel like (very, very gentle!). Activator Because Dr. Sheila uses the Atlas Orthogonal Precision Instrument, your neck will never be twisted or popped.  To adjust the rest of the spine, Dr. Sheila uses an activator, a hand-held instrument that looks like a miniature pogo stick, to gently and effectively re-align the spine.

Our office will only perform the most gentle and specific Chiropractic methods available today.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the upper cervical spine, the necessary x-rays and the atlas adjustment.


Other Visits

10-15 Minutes

white-teeth-webOn subsequent visits, Dr. Sheila will determine whether or not you have a subluxation, or a misaligned bone that causes nerve interference.  If you do, a specific chiropractic adjustment will be performed as necessary.  If you’re not in need of an adjustment (congratulations!) Dr. Sheila will estimate your spinal stability and set up a future appointment.

If you would like to speed up your initial visit, 

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Please call our office at 770-760-1394 with any questions regarding your health insurance benefits or Chiropractic Life Care of America.

Note: Being In Network with your insurance carrier is not a guarantee of coverage at out office.
You or one of our office administrators can verify your specific plan’s benefits prior to treatment.

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