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What We Do

Chiropractic Adjustment


Safe and Gentle Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic services are performed by Dr. Sheila Belanger.  Click here to learn more about Atlas Orthogonal Care.

Belanger Chiropractic Life Center is located at Conyers Wellness Center. Dr. Sheila is also certified as a homeopathic practitioner and food-healing instructor and recommends combing therapeutic massage, BioMat/Infrared Therapy, Pain Relieving Products, Detoxifying Foot Bath, Homeopathic Products and Alkaline Water for maximum health benefits. Visit for more information.

Therapeutic Massage Services


When combined with Chiropractic Care, massage therapy increases circulation, relieves aching muscles and joints, increases freedom of movement and helps you achieve a more balanced posture. This can free up energy you previously needed just to move on hold yourself erect.  Massages are by appointment only and if you have a personal injury case we can bill for the cost of your chiropractic and massage services.

Treatment Services Start at $45 for 30 minutes; $80 for 60 minutes; $120 for 90 minutes. Click Here for more information on our massage services.

BioMat/Infrared Therapy


Use the BioMat to promote healing with Infrared therapy and amethyst. Anyone can use and simply lying on the BioMat promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body.

Some of the Benefits of the BioMat include:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eases joint pain and stiffness
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Alleviates migraines and tension headaches

Treatment is $40 for every 30 minutes.

Who We Treat



What We Treat

Car accidentsShoulder Pain
Pregnancy-related issues
(Webster trained for breech positions)

Sport-related injuries
Work-related injuries

Our doctor is highly skilled in the following areas:


Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic
Acute pain relief
Chronic pain relief
Geriatric care
Pediatric care

We offer effective treatment for the following conditions:migraine

Arch and Foot Pain

Arm Pain

Auto Accidents

Bursitis (elbow, hip, knee, shoulder)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Heel spurs

Herniated discs

Injured workers

Lower back pain


Mid-back and Rib pain

Neck pain

Personal injuries

Pinched nerves

Rotator cuff injuries

Shoulder tendonitis

Sports injuries


Tennis elbow

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